FreeBSD install guide

This guide will help you to install spotifyd on FreeBSD and have it always running.

spotifyd is available for the FreeBSD architectures :

  • amd64
  • i386
  • arm64


sudo pkg install spotifyd

Configuring spotifyd

If you installed spotifyd using the above method, you'll either need to supply --backend portaudio as a command-line argument or add backend = "portaudio" to /usr/local/etc/spotifyd.conf.

Apart from that, spotifyd comes pre-configured with defaults that should be working in most cases, but if you want to tweak it further to your needs, have a look at the configuration section of this book.

Start the service

sudo service spotifyd onestart

Now see if you can find it in the normal Spotify client (Devices in right bottom corner). Retry the above steps if you can't find it.

Starting spotifyd at boot

sudo sysrc spotifyd_enable=YES